Kitemark Certified

Monocoque Composite

Flood Defender Door

£900 (+VAT)*


*Terms & Conditions apply.

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Why Flood Angel®?

Unlike some competitor products, the Flood Angel range has been designed to work holistically to protect all areas of potential water ingress into a property.

Designed to protect doorways and windows, sewage systems and brickwork, Flood Angel products, many of which are custom made, have been rigorously tested and awarded BSI Kitemark certification.

As well as its own range of manufactured products, Flood Angel also ‘approves’ other accessory products that complement its offer.

And whilst Flood Angel products have achieved the BSI Kitemark quality standard, in order to ensure products work effectively in the event of flooding, it is critical that the highest quality levels are also adhered to during installation.

Flood Angel therefore recommends that its products* are installed by Flood Professionals who have been trained and are certified to survey for and install the Flood Angel range. 

*Defender Barriers and Defender Doors can only be installed by certified Flood Professionals