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Flood Angel is the UK's leading manufacturer of Kitemark certified flood defence products for homes & businesses nationwide, including Flood Doors, Flood Barriers, Anti-Flood Airbricks & Sewage Defence.

Why Flood Angel®?

Unlike some competitor products, the Flood Angel range has been designed to work holistically to protect all areas of potential water ingress into a property.

Flood Risk Checker

Flood risk checker

Door Defence

When protecting a property from flooding, doors and windows are a crucial part of any holistic package of measures. ‘Custom made’ Flood Defender Doors that operate on a daily basis like a standard door are a popular passive defence choice. Defender Barriers, manufactured to fit all types of opening provide a reliable, reactive solution.

Understanding Flood Risk

Shown on the building below are areas of a property vulnerable to water ingress. Click on these areas to find out more and how Flood Angel® products can help reduce the risk of flood waters from entering a property.

Brick Defence

Anti-flood airbricks and airbrick covers can prevent flood water from entering a property. Kitemark Certifed.

Sewage Defence

The backflow of sewage into a property during a flood can be particularly distressing for homeowners. Main sewage systems can be protected using non-return valves whilst appliance outlet pipes can be fitted with backwater valves.

Associated Products

A number of other products feature in the Flood Angel range that work together to help provide holistic property protection.

Flood Angel Flood Defender Door at BRE Flood Resilient House

BRE (Building Research Establishment) has launched a flood resilient prototype house to demonstrate the most effective ways to protect against flooding and limit the disruption caused by a flood.

Perfect Partnership - Flood Angel joins forces with Glazerite

Flood Angel is delighted to announce that it has recently teamed up with The Glazerite Group, the UK’s largest VEKA trade fabricator, to supply them with its range of high specification flood doors in an exclusive retail partnership deal.

A Fond Farewell

The Flood Angel team bid a fond farewell to one of their number this week as Rob Allies hung up his overalls for the last time & headed off to enjoy his well-deserved retirement.

Flood Angel and Glazerite Partnership

Always a company to offer something above and beyond the norm, The Glazerite UK Group is now able to provide installers with a fantastic high specification flood door package from Flood Angel.

Pay4Later Finance Support Available On Flood Angel Products

UK Flood Barriers, Flood Angel’s sister company, is now offering homeowners access to 0% finance over 5 years to fund Flood Angel flood defence measures through their Pay4Later finance scheme.

Monocoque or not Monocoque that is the question!

As the installation of ‘composite’ flood doors becomes a popular option for flood prone properties across the country, the UK’s leading manufacturer of flood defence products, Flood Angel, is urging caution when homeowners are selecting their door.

Experts in the market join forces to create a winning combination

As winter approaches and the British weather worsens, it doubtless won’t be long until stories of flooding hit the media headlines once more.


The UK's first ever privately owned - BSI approved - flood defence research and development testing facility.

About us

Flood Angel® is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Kitemark certified flood defence products for homes and businesses nationwide.


Current vacancies at Flood Angel, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Kitemark certified flood defence products for homes and businesses nationwide.


Lines open: Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm. Call us on: 01905 700 790. Email us at:


The latest news from Flood Angel Limited and our range of Kitemark certified flood defence products

Flood Barrier - Single

The Flood Defender™ Barrier is a superior flood defence barrier that can be fitted to virtually any door opening.

Flood Barrier - Double

The Flood Defender™ Double Barrier is a bespoke flood defence barrier that can be fitted to virtually any double doorway.

UPVC Flood Defender Door

UPVC Flood Door suitable for use on residential properties to protect doorways against flood water ingress.

Flood Defender Wall

The Flood Defender™ Wall is a demountable flood barrier system

Monocoque Composite Flood Defender Door

The Monocoque Composite Flood Door has unrivalled flood defence qualities and is available in a range of styles.

Approved Toilet Bung

Approved Toilet Bung

UPVC Defender Double Door

The UPVC Double Flood door is suitable for use on residential properties and has three BSI Kitemark certifications.

Timber Flood Gate

The Timber Flood Gate is ideal for driveways or entrances to properties where easy access is essential. The Gate is able to be closed swiftly and securely in the event of an imminent flood, while acting as a standard gate on a day to day basis.



Telescopic Underfloor Vent

Vent designed to incorporate the Flood Angel Anti Flood Airbrick to provide a clear airflow passage to voids underneath suspended floors

Tanking Polymer

Tanking Polymer



Approved Sumps & Pumps

approved Sumps & Pumps

160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve

160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve

Anti-flood Airbrick

The Flood Angel Anti-Flood Airbrick is the world's first Kitemark Certified Airbrick, protecting homes from flooding.

Anti-flood Airbrick Cover

The Flood Angel Anti-flood Airbrick Cover prevents an airbrick allowing flood water to enter a property.

Approved 50mm Backwater Valve

Approved 50mm Backwater Valve



Rise Rapid Duct Seal

An effective and simple solution protecting against flood and gas ingress. It consists of only two components: NOFIRNO sealant, a high quality silicone based sealant and NOFIRNO rubber multi sleeves.