Kitemark Certified

Monocoque Composite

Flood Defender Door

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Perfect Partnership - Flood Angel joins forces with Glazerite


Flood Angel is delighted to announce that it has recently teamed up with The Glazerite Group, the UK’s largest VEKA trade fabricator, to supply them with its range of high specification flood doors in an exclusive retail partnership deal.

The Flood Angel Monocoque Composite Door, the first of its kind in the UK, is based on a Palladio monocoque slab, patented seals and Maco hardware and, like the other doors in the Flood Angel Defender Door range, is fully Kitemark certified under PAS 1188-1:2014.  This means all doors have been fully tested in simulated flood conditions to provide flood protection up to 600mm, thanks to the unique combination of components, including highly specialist locking mechanism and gaskets.  

Flood Angel CEO Frank Kelly commented: “Any flood door is only as good as the quality of fitting and every applicant to the retail network must undergo intensive training by the manufacturer to ensure installation standards are as high as the specification demands.

Frank continues: “Our doors, like all Flood Angel products are made to the highest specification to tackle the serious challenges caused by flooding. Working with such a respected company as Glazerite, as well as a network of fully trained and monitored installation companies, we can be sure those standards are matched all the way from the factory to the finished product in every customer’s home.”

Jason Thompson, Director of The Glazerite Group says more & more homeowners are concerned about the risk if flooding “They recognise the need to protect their homes but also want the reassurance of a high specification defence system, and nowhere more so than the doors.

“Flood Angel has a reputation second to none for all kinds of flood mitigation systems, including its range of flood defender doors. Now we are our inviting installer partners to become part of a partnership of exclusive dealerships to market the door all around the UK and tap into this lucrative market.”

The Glazerite UK Group is VEKA’s largest Trade Fabricator in the UK and a long standing Network VEKA member. VEKA is the world’s largest extruder of uPVC profiles used in the windows and door sector.