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Monocoque Composite

Flood Defender Door

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Monocoque or not Monocoque that is the question!

As the installation of ‘composite’ flood doors becomes a popular option for flood-prone properties across the country, the UK’s leading manufacturer of flood defence products, Flood Angel, is urging caution when homeowners are selecting their door. 

Whilst from the outside, all composite doors appear to be the same, this is certainly not the case. 

Some styles of composite door slab are made up of a number of different materials including wood, UPVC and glass reinforced plastic. All of these structural components are simply ‘glued’ together around a central insulated foam core, often with as many as 6 glued joints/surfaces per door.  

Whilst in a one-off flood situation, the door is unlikely to fail, over time and following further flood events the glued joints around the foam core may become weakened and less effective.

The Flood Angel Monocoque Composite Door on the other hand, offers more robust and effective long-term protection due to its unique monocoque ‘single shell’ construction.  Monocoque technology is used extensively in the motor and aircraft industries where superior strength is a prerequisite. 

The main structural ‘slab’ of the Flood Angel Monocoque door is made up of 65mm reinforced fibreglass monocoque structure.  The absence of any glued joints or seams eliminates the risk of joint failure in the event of flooding making the door the obvious long term option. 

Coupled with this unique design feature, the Flood Angel Monocoque door also boasts excellent thermal protection qualities, industry leading flood seal technology and a state of the art 10 point high-security locking system with ‘easy engage’ handle. The unique wall construction means the door can't wrap, twist or delaminate.

The Flood Angel Monocoque Composite Door is Kitemark certified to PAS 1188:2014 meaning it has been tested to provide flood defence up to 600mm.


Flood Angel Monocoque Composite Door Construction


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