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Flood Angel Flood Defender Door at BRE Flood Resilient House

BRE Resilience House

BRE (Building Research Establishment) has launched a flood resilient prototype house to demonstrate the most effective ways to protect against flooding and limit the disruption caused by a flood.

The ‘Resilient House’, located on a business park in Hertfordshire, includes many practical measures including flood resistant doors & windows, water resilient walls and insulation, a resilient kitchen with moveable units, the installation of a sump & pump which protects against water rising through the floors, non-return valves fitted to sewage pipes and raised electrical sockets.

All of the measures together are designed to prevent water entering the building but also allow for quicker recovery after a flood, reducing both the cost and time it takes to recover.

Flood Angel was pleased to supply a Flood Angel Composite Flood Defender Door for the project.  

The house was launched on Friday, 3rd February and will soon be put under flood conditions to test all of the measures installed.

An article published in the Mail on Sunday can be found by clicking here

Flood Angel's sister company, UK Flood Barriers, also has its own Flood House in the Test Tank at their HQ in Droitwich. The Test Tank features a Self Activating Flood Barrier (SAFB), an industrial Flood Gate and the Flood House.

The Flood House allows visitors to experience flood conditions from inside the house, which is protected with Flood Defender Doors, Anti-Flood Airbricks, a Non-Return Valve and Sump & Pump system. Find out more here.