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Monocoque Composite

Flood Defender Door

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Experts in the market join forces to create a winning combination

As winter approaches and the British weather worsens, it doubtless won’t be long until stories of flooding hit the media headlines once more. Experts predict the risk of flooding in the UK will increase year on year and with one in six British homes already in danger of flooding the need to protect property & personal possessions grows ever stronger.

It’s this need that’s seen two big names in UK lock manufacture & flood defence join forces in a bid to develop even more cutting-edge solutions for this fast-growing and ever-changing marketplace.  

Flood Angel, the UK’s leading flood product manufacturer, is consistently working to refine and enhance the design and functionality of its range of market-leading flood doors.  Working closely with MACO UK, a refined locking system has recently been developed which, when installed in a Flood Angel Door, was tested and certified to PAS 1188-1:2014.  The system can be applied to a host of materials including PVCu single and double door sets and Monocoque Composite Doors

The MACO C-TS door lock is combined with i.S. mushroom cam locking systems from the Multi MATIC tilt and turn system. Bringing these together and developing the system together, including the profile, hardware and superior flood seals, provides unrivalled operating forces and flood protection.

The refined system was successfully tested to PAS 1188-1:2014 in the BSI approved Test Tank operated by Flood Angel’s sister company, UK Flood Barriers. All Flood Angel products are put through their paces in this facility and MACO and Flood Angel’s engineers spent many hours working closely to achieve the eventual successful solution.

MACO UK Managing Director Kevin Whiting commented:

“Our class leading, light handle operation, C-TS Door Lock provided the platform for MACO and Flood ANGEL to join forces in this market leading venture. Our Product, Service and Innovation Manager, Craig Bryant, working alongside the Flood Angel experts has enabled a design solution to be created that truly exceeds expectations in flood prevention alongside comfort in ease of use”   

Flood Angel CEO Frank Kelly commented:

“Flood Angel has been manufacturing its market-leading flood doors for several years. The key reason we remain at the top of our game is that we never stop learning, listening and enhancing. Our latest venture with MACO is a classic example of where we’ve teamed up with another ‘industry expert’ to make sure we’re constantly trying to make the best even better”